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Tracy Tolti

Pounds Lost: 101
Inches Lost: 88
Dress Sizes Lost: 16

"There isn' t anything I won' t try now. I have taken up swimming and dance aerobics on the days I don' t go to Curves. And on a recent trip to Mexico, I went parasailing for the first time. I never would have believed it possible a year ago."


Tracey Toltl didn’t like the woman who stared back at her from the mirror each day, so much so that she eventually stopped looking. Her mother struggled with diabetes, high blood pressure, and more, and Tracey knew she was headed in the same direction unless she took control of her health. That, and Curves’ TV commercial, motivated her to join. Before long, she was happy to see herself not only reflected in the mirror but also in the eyes of others.
Kimberley Luzier

Pounds Lost: 120

“If I can do this, I can do anything!."


When Kimberly Luzier's father died, the loss took its toll. She lived on chips and soda, slept 10 hours a day, struggled to turn over in bed, and spent Saturday nights at the computer. "I was an emotional wreck", she says. Finally, photos triggered a desire to change. Weighing 316 pounds and just plain 'fed up', she walked into Curves. Scared at first, she "just kept going" and believes her father helped her. Today, at 24 Kimberly's lost 120 pounds and is happy, energetic, and social. Saturday nights are spent with her boyfriend.
Nancy Gale

Pounds lost: 151

"Curves has been a healing experience"


Fortyish Nancy Gale felt her life was full of fatigue, sore knees, forfeited activities, insecurity, and mistrust. “I didn’t experience the joy of life,” she recalls. “I wanted to be invisible.” Photos from a Mexican vacation were her wake-up call. “There I was, looking miserable when I was in paradise,” Nancy explains. So she joined Curves. Now, two years later and 151 pounds lighter, healthier, and finallly, happy. She swims, dances, and goes skiing with her 15-year-old twin sons. Her 22-year-old daughter is no longer ashamed of her. Now her daughter's friends say she is the ‘coolest mom in the world!